For publication planners in medical affairs, choosing where to publish your research is an important strategic decision. But pulling together all the journal information you need can be a slow and laborious process.

It’s also hard to make the right choice when you only have half the story, because traditional indicators don’t show the crucial element of social impact. And it’s even more of a struggle for smaller teams going through large amounts of data.

But with the Journal Selection Dashboard, it’s easy to make the best choice about where to publish – so you can maximize the reach and scientific impact of your research.

Make better-informed decisions for your publications

Created by Dimensions and Altmetric, our Journal Selection Dashboard use next-generation metrics that give you a much fuller and more accurate picture. 

It draws data and insights from: 

  • the classical impact metrics – such as citations, research fields, and open access analysis
  • public engagement metrics – those that measure influence on social media, such as mentions on Twitter News, policy documents, and patents
  • your own proprietary data – such as therapeutic areas, approval submission times, and acceptance and rejection rates 

This blend of data results in a report that’s uniquely informative and easy to use. With a fuller and more accurate picture, you’re equipped to make astute strategic choices.

Customized to your exact needs

The Journal Selection Dashboard can be updated in line with your requirements and customized to your needs. For example, we can add the therapeutic areas you cover, remove irrelevant metrics and pages, and add any new ones that you want. 

The Journal Selection Dashboard also helps in benchmarking your publication strategy against competitors to identify areas for improvement.

And for full flexibility, you can choose to subscribe to the data only (via Google Big Query), so you can use it in your own dashboards or applications.

Check out the Journal Selection Dashboard for yourself

For more information on how to use NextGen metrics in your journal selection strategy,  watch our on-demand webinar. 

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