Compliance departments at universities and other education and research institutions are increasingly tasked with maintaining compliance to regulations and guidelines aimed at addressing the potential for foreign influence.

Institutions are now turning to Dimensions for assistance in better understanding their exposure to foreign influence, and the associated risks.

How can Dimensions help with foreign influence compliance and risk mitigation?

Some institutions are using Dimensions exclusively for foreign influence compliance. But what does Dimensions offer that helps with this work?

Dimensions supports the global community by making 126 million publications and associated researchers openly discoverable. Think of Dimensions as a master database of the world’s research and all aspects of the wider research ecosystem. A vast knowledge base about institutions’ research activities, the activities of individual researchers, their colleagues and collaborators, funding sources, clinical trials, outcomes, publications, and even patents can be collated, linked and cross-referenced quickly and easily using Dimensions.

Dimensions uses the metadata associated with researchers and institutions to do this. That information is drawn upon from millions of pieces of source material, and only Dimensions has the ability to connect all of those disparate sources.

In this way, Dimensions can be used as an effective platform by many institutions, their researchers and support staff to gain valuable insights that will help with strategic decision-making, leading to greater, more successful research efforts.

The insights gained from Dimensions can also help to identify potential foreign influence, including partners and collaborators from high-risk countries or from high-risk institutions, such as those backed by a foreign military.

Researchers may be unaware they’re involved in potentially risky collaborations; information provided by Dimensions could be instrumental in properly vetting potential collaborators and providing thorough disclosures.

Watch our short videos to show Dimensions for compliance in action

Accurately analyse the profile of an individual researcher:

Easily find collaborations based on country by research organization:

Dimensions in action – all the things you can do to manage your compliance risk:

  • Quickly and efficiently generate easy-to-navigate datasets
  • Explore profiles of researchers
  • Discover all affiliations throughout a researcher’s career
  • Search for conflicts of interest
  • Examine external collaborations and connections
  • Screen for restricted entities or individuals
  • Bring to the surface underlying issues
  • Drill down into specific topics as well as broad fields of research
  • Check for undisclosed collaborations, funding, and research fields
  • See most frequent collaborators, co-authors, funding sources
  • Reveal both direct and indirect funding sources, private as well as public funders
  • Show patent activity, including abandoned or expired patents, their legal and filing status
  • Conduct vetting – eg, for defence contract suitability
  • Evaluate for export compliance
  • Plan interventions

Who stands to benefit from using Dimensions for compliance?

From the senior leadership of your institution through to early career researchers, your faculty and staff will benefit from the world’s largest globally linked research database, making risk assessment, disclosures, and disclosure verification more efficient than ever.

Teams involved in research integrity and compliance and research support would be ideal users of Dimensions for this purpose.

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