Dimensions aims to cover all aspects and objects of the research process since fast access to quality data is crucial to discovery and research assessment. That is why we are as inclusive as possible when integrating publications into the Dimensions database. Not just when it comes to journal articles but also monographs, book chapters and – most importantly – preprints. The COVID-19 pandemic shows the importance of pre-prints and that a database is updated every day.

This inclusiveness comes with the obligation to provide tools to the user to navigate the comprehensive content and enable them to make choices they need for their specific goals.

At Dimensions, the team works hard to cover all objects of the research process – we strive to be as comprehensive as possible when it comes to including patents, grants, clinical trials, data sets and policy papers – all consistently linked to publications.

In this webinar we will tell you why our approach to research output indexing has major advantages for you as a user. We’ll also cover how you can easily make your own journal selections using the Dimensions web app or API, and what journal lists we have included in Dimensions.

Furthermore, we’ll show you how Dimensions data can be used to flip the traditional concept of impact, by looking at the international reach of publications, discovering which articles perform below or above country average, or are published in journals below or above country average.