How do you know that your communications and publications strategies are working effectively and your publications are being read by, and influencing, HCPs? 

Understanding the impact of your publications is vital, so you can assess their performance and report back success to stakeholders. 

However, the process of proving impact can often be time-consuming and prone to human error. 

Introducing the Publication Impact dashboard.

We accelerate the process of evaluation and empower you to understand the impact of a single publication in accurate and very fine detail across a broad range of indicators.  Compare multiple publications at once to uncover strategies based on publications’ performance – making the process of proving your success quick and easy. 

Understand your publication’s performance in minutes

Created using the combined data from Dimensions and Altmetric, our Publication Impact dashboard can give you an accurate picture of an individual publication’s performance at speed. 

You can use it to:

  • Benchmark your publication against similar publications within your therapeutic area, and compare publication performance against journal average values;
  • Assess whether your publication has reached HCPs and your key audiences;
  • Compare your publication’s performance against competitors;
  • Assess winning strategies based on your publications’ performance;
  • Share an accurate, up-to-date, and easy-to-interpret analysis of performance with key stakeholders.

Talk to us and learn how we can help your organization

The Publication Impact dashboard can be customized in line with your requirements and we’ll work with you to inform the research and subject areas of your therapeutic areas to match it to our data and refine it in collaboration with you. 

The dashboard is shareable and open to the whole organization so that you can easily track, monitor and share your progress with the wider business all in one place in near real-time. 

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