The data in Dimensions – from idea to impact

The world’s largest linked research and innovation database

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Clinical trials
Policy documents

Size and enrichments matter

Not only is Dimensions the world’s largest research information database, our clear goal is to enrich and link the data for you as much as possible: with keywords and concepts, organizations, researchers, or machine learning-based classifications. This brings thousands of data silos together in one linked data set for you – ready to be explored.

Get ahead of the curve

Digital Science has developed Dimensions as the world’s largest research and innovation resource to support all researchers, those designing research strategies and those managing innovation.

You can see the past, present and future of research by:

  • Analyzing the impact of clinical trials, patents and policies
  • Sourcing information from journals worldwide, as well as preprints, datasets, proceedings and books
  • Identifying future trends by following grant funding

More than a database

With deep indexing of more than 98 million publications and 150 million patents, Dimensions provides enriched data that makes research easier. This includes specific, disambiguated data on individual people as well as institutions, using AI-based categorization and a wide range of indicators and metrics. 

Looking into the future

Using Dimensions yields a 360-degree view of all research, including researcher profiles, institutional profiles and global trends. From that wide perspective, you can utilize the power of natural language processing, AI and machine learning to gain insights from across a huge range of documentation and data.

Dimensions’ range and sophistication of search capabilities means  you’ll be able to understand who and what is driving scientific discovery, where the next related innovation may come from, and who you’ll need to collaborate with to make it happen.

The ultimate research tool

Dimensions’ accessibility and flexibility really set us apart from our competitors. Providing data in all the different ways users require, Dimensions offers: 

  • One of the world’s most powerful search applications
  • Visual dashboard apps that help solve specific research challenges
  • The Dimensions API, which can be used to build your own applications
  • Raw data through Dimensions on Google BigQuery in a relational database, enabling large-scale analysis and integrated data into other systems.

Dimensions enriches data… and the value of your research 

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