The data in Dimensions

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Going beyond traditional databases

To work effectively, researchers and organizations need a reliable and consistent source of information. Importantly, they need that source to be truly comprehensive: viewing publications, grants, clinical trials, patents, datasets or policy documents in isolation can easily lead to the wrong conclusions.

Data from idea to impact

There are many forms of research-related data available, often stored in unconnected repositories and systems. For example: Grants from public and private funders, conference proceedings, preprints, books and chapters, journal articles, patents, clinical trials, and data sets. This fragmented approach makes it challenging and time-consuming to gain the insights you require. Dimensions indexes data from a myriad of sources so that you can track and understand the complete research cycle.

Enriched and organized data

Using machine learning and cloud computing technology, Dimensions integrates and transforms data to create a consistent model. As data flows into the platform, it is indexed and enriched before being assigned a meaningful classification; for example, funder, research organization, researcher, or category status. For a large proportion of the publications, policy documents, and patents, we deep-index the full text to extract all relevant information. We can also seamlessly integrate proprietary data from research organizations, publishers, or funders, so that they can add value to the data ecosystem in a protected, private environment.

A wide range of indicators

Dimensions provides a data-rich environment that supports the development and dissemination of indicators driven by, and developed for the research community. Indicators range from measures of research income and output, to impact indicators based on citations and Altmetric attention. There are also indicators measuring collaboration activity and open access distribution.

Applications which bring the data to life

To ensure the data in Dimensions meets your needs, we provide applications offering a single point of search across all content types. Deep-indexing of full-text data enables you to discover more relevant research, while search functionalities and meaningful filters allow you to cut through the clutter. The available interfaces range from web applications and modern APIs to customized products which seamlessly integrate with your proprietary data.

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