A leading Life Science solutions company in Europe has embraced a groundbreaking approach to prospecting and market analysis, harnessing the power of advanced tools like Dimensions.

The Sales Manager for Research in Europe at an undisclosed Data Acquisition (DAQ) software and hardware manufacturer in the life science sector shared insights into their innovative approach:

“We’ve only just started using Dimensions but I can already see how useful it’s going to be.”

Unlocking market dynamics through grant applications

As a Biotech company specializing in physiological recording devices, tracking grant applications is vital for identifying business opportunities. Utilizing Dimensions, the company gained extensive market insights, analyzing trends in grant applications and publications, in addition to prospecting.

By correlating grant awards with product performance, the company can tailor strategies effectively, enhancing product development and market positioning.

Revolutionizing prospecting techniques 

The company’s growth strategy relies on penetrating new markets and acquiring customers. Leveraging Dimensions, their Scientific Sales Specialist has redefined prospecting strategies. By analyzing collaboration networks of existing contacts, the company identifies new prospects with precision, facilitating market expansion efforts.

In their pursuit of entering the neuroscience market, the team leverages collaboration networks to discover potential customers, a departure from traditional prospecting methods.

Enhancing commercial conversations

Apart from market analysis, Dimensions enriches commercial interactions by providing insights into a wealth of research data via its visualization tools. By accessing recent publications, the team gains a deeper understanding of researchers’ work, enhancing customer engagement and product development.

Furthermore, Dimensions enables the team to discern how customers utilize their products, fostering a comprehensive understanding of product utility across various applications.

In summary, the adoption of Dimensions has revolutionized the company’s approach to prospecting, market mapping, and customer engagement, driving innovation and success in the dynamic life science sector.

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