Open Research Information

Our commitment

Dimensions was built on Open Data and, as advocates for research and scientific advancement, we maintain that both metadata about research and data produced in the course of doing research is owned by the community that created it.  

At our heart, we believe that we can play a positive role in supporting the scientific community for the good of all and that’s why we have always been and always will be committed to supporting initiatives that make research more open. 

Learn more about our Open Research Principles on the Digital Science website

Evolving the open data ecosystem

Creating context for the metadata that describes research has been a long-term project for Digital Science, and one where we believe we have helped to evolve the open data ecosystem in a positive manner.

Some of our projects to contribute to open research include:

How we support the research community

Advancing science with accessible data

The discoveries of tomorrow will be built on the research of today. And fundamentally, we stand by the principle that research metadata should be made available to support scientific progress.

That’s why we will always offer free access to metadata from research publications, datasets and citation metrics, plus much more, contextualized with links to data from wider research outputs for personal, non-commercial use.

Supporting scientometric analysis

We believe research indicators should be owned by the community.

It is vital for the scientometrics community to have access to the information it needs to develop open, transparent and reproducible research indicators. That’s why scientometric researchers can use the full Dimensions data for free to study how research is funded, communicated, commercialized, and makes an impact in the world.

Join the 2000+ research projects that have already been granted access.

Grounding AI in scientific evidence

Accessible for free via OpenAI’s ChatGPT, users can ask conversational questions and receive informed answers from the Dimensions database. This enables any user to gain enhanced and new insight into research with the confidence that is grounded in scientific evidence.

As Dimensions Research GPT provides trusted answers that are evidence-based and research-specific, they are less prone to hallucinations and more fit to be used to answer scientific questions.

Accessing citation data the way you need it

The Dimensions Metrics API provides free programmatic access to article-level indicators, including citation counts, Relative Citation Ratio (RCR), Field Citation Ration (FCR) and recent citations.

Visualizing your impact

A free and simple way to view and showcase the number of citations each publication has received.

Embed the badges into your website or use them as a gateway to explore the data further.

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