Dimensions News

9th June, 2021

TU Wien provides campus-wide access to Dimensions Analytics

12th April, 2021

Fraunhofer INT and Digital Science collaborate to bring Fraunhofer’s Technology Foresight Tool KATI together with Dimensions data

10th March, 2021

BMJ levels up access to Dimensions using Google BigQuery

8th March, 2021

The University of Bern adopts Dimensions Analytics

24th February, 2021

Emerald Publishing upgrades to Dimensions on Google Cloud’s BigQuery

13th October, 2020

PLOS accesses Dimensions on Google Cloud’s BigQuery

29th September, 2020

Dimensions partners with Google Cloud and launches integration with BigQuery

7th May, 2020

Research Square Partners with Dimensions to Provide Citation Data on Preprints

10th March, 2020

Dimensions is facilitating access to COVID-19 research

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