Louisiana State University Health Shreveport (LSUHS) – one of the U.S.’s leading health science research programs –signed a three-year deal to use  Dimensions Analytics and Dimensions Research Security. Dimensions Analytics’ search applications, with powerful visual views, will support LSUHS in getting answers to any specific research or research strategy question, as well as Dimensions Research Security’s visual application, which helps ensure regulatory compliance.

The LSUHS research program aims to achieve distinction and international recognition for basic science and clinical research programs. Together, they contribute to the body of knowledge and practice of science and medicine, alongside utilizing research and knowledge to support economic growth and prosperity.

“We are very enthusiastic about implementing Dimensions Analytics and Dimensions Research Security at LSU Health Shreveport. These will be valuable resources for our team to support research data and analysis needs, as well as improve efficiency regarding research integrity and compliance, which is a top priority for our institution,” said Jarrod Sawyer, Research Data and Applications Project Manager for LSU Health Shreveport’s Office for Research.

Heidi Becker, Lead Product Operations Manager, said: “We’re excited that LSU Health Shreveport has taken this important step, combining the power of our world-leading information with the ability to assess, prioritize and act on potential compliance issues. We’ve seen research security issues become an increasing priority for US institutions, with concern rapidly expanding globally. LSUHS is now among a growing group of proactive research institutions who are ahead of the curve when it comes to addressing these concerns.”

For more information or to request a demo, visit the webpage Dimensions Research Security.
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