The analytical search application for every question and use case

Find the information you need in millions of publications, patents, datasets, grants and more and get an overview on topics, organization, person or network profiles.

Time-saving AI-powered solutions for scientific literature discovery

Take your discovery one step further with instant insights thanks to the new Dimensions AI summarization feature. Quickly perform AI-powered analyses to gain insights into the content and topics of most interest to your research area.

What Dimensions Analytics can do for you

Dimensions Analytics is the generic search applications with powerful visual views to support the user in getting answers to any possible specific research or research strategy question – leading towards the relevant documents or aggregated insights:

  • Find the research papers, grants, patents for any possible research and receive regular alerts if desired
  • Gain instant AI-generated insights into your research area to help you discover more, faster, always supported by reference to the original research
  • Find experts/researchers: Identify the organizations, researchers, funders active in a specific field
  • Identify future research activities by ‘following the money’: By looking at recently awarded grants you can identify the research which will be carried out in the coming years – ahead of any publication activity
  • Understand and explore networks of organizations, researchers of concepts via the integrated VOSviewer module
  • Analyze the profiles and grant portfolios of research organizations globally
  • Get quick access to full-text publications – either open access publications or your institution’s entitlements
  • … and many more!

The data accessible via Dimensions Analytics

  • The Dimensions data is as broad as possible – not a selective set of publications etc. to enable every possible use case, leaving it to the user to limit the data taken into account as needed
  • Dimensions Analytics allows the user to search through all publications, datasets, grants, clinical trials, patents and policy documents
  • Via various enrichment, the entire content has been transformed into a large linked dataset
  • Examples for enrichments are disambiguated researchers, institutions, research topics via AI-generated research classification systems

Features and technical details

  • Search interface (ability to search through the full records or limit the search to title/abstract only and advanced search)
  • Natural language processing: Full-text indexing of more than 90 million publications and 150 million patents (status: February 2023)
  • View the results as a list or as aggregated analytical views focusing on meta data elements (e.g. researchers, organizations, funders or countries)
  • Export options: Between 5.000 and 50.000 records per export
  • Access the API and Dimensions Modules&Apps via Dimensions Analytics
  • Authentication options: Our access and data integration offers multiple authentication options, including IP whitelisting, EZproxy and Single-Sign-On (Shibboleth, etc), which ensures users can view data at any time from anywhere
  • Dimensions Analytics can be set up as a private instance – this allows the client to integrate private content securely so that it can be analyzed alongside the Dimensions content in one interface

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