Use cases


Quickly benchmark your publication’s performance by therapeutic area

How you can quickly benchmark your publication’s performance by therapeutic area

Safeguard research security and research integrity

How we can support with the implementation of research security workflows and compliance programs.

Find the best place to publish your research with Journal Selection dashboard

The Journal Selection dashboard, enables you to make the best choice about where to publish – so you can maximize the reach and scientific impact of your research.

Track and report on the wider outcomes of funded research

How to tell a richer story of the impact of research programs when reporting on outcomes and ROI.

Horizon scanning, technology watch and technology foresight

How to conduct more effective horizon scanning and get ahead of the curve with technology watch and technology foresight.

Creating clinical trial dashboards accessible for clinicians

Create a Clinical Trial Visualization Platform to transform scientific publications into an accessible and interactive format for clinicians and patients.

Reveal and analyze scientific share of voice and audience sentiment

How to share of voice dashboards can provide insights into the reach and influence of research and the reception and sentiment of your audience.

Identify and target grant recipients and accurately analyze commercial opportunity

How to accurately search for grants and researchers to grow your business.

Analyse innovation impact

How to use Dimensions API to track the impact of your research or your institution.

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