Supporting the scientometric research community

We believe it is the role of Dimensions to ensure the scientometrics community has access to the information it needs to develop open, transparent research indicators. Researchers can use Dimensions data to study how research is funded, communicated, commercialized, and makes an impact in the world.

Free data access for scientometric research projects

  • Free access to Dimensions data for noncommerical scientometric research projects.
  • Support provided via email, office hours with Dimensions data scientists, and in-person meetings at conferences.
  • Opportunities to collaborate with Digital Science on both scientometric studies and projects that improve Dimensions data for all.
  • Special consideration for International Society for Scientometrics and Informetrics members.
  • Please note: We are temporarily scaling back our no-cost access program in order to prioritize company resources in light of the coronavirus pandemic. To learn more about what this means for your research, visit our Support portal.

Available data formats

Dimensions Analytics

For researchers of all technical abilities

Search a database containing billions of connections between grants, publications, clinical trials, patents, datasets and moreVisualize data to find trendsExport data for analysis in Excel, VOSviewer, and Citespace

Analytics API

For researchers with at least basic programming experience

Search programmatically across the entire Dimensions Plus database with precisionBenefit from an easy-to-use, domain-specific languageRetrieve data in JSON format

Metrics API

For researchers with at least basic programming experience

Retrieve citation-based indicators for any research work with a DOI, PubMed ID, or Dimensions IDEnjoy easy and direct access for non-commercial use – no API key requiredRetrieve data in JSON format

If you have different data needs, please reach out to discuss with our team

Scientometrics user group

Join the scientometrics user group which brings together scientometric researchers from around the world.

Dimensions data

How Dimensions collects, organizes and enriches publications, grants, patents, clinical trials, datasets and policy documents.

Webinars and events

Join a scientometrics-related webinar or event.