Dimensions Research Integrity

Data-driven insights to help identify the quality and research integrity of scientific publications

Putting trust in research

Dimensions Research Integrity uses the methodology and algorithms developed by Digital Science company Ripeta to examine published papers and identify the hallmarks of responsible science – called ‘Trust Markers’

In doing so, Dimensions has created the world’s largest research integrity dataset by applying the processes to over 33 million publications since 2011, resulting in over 200 million trust marker data points. This huge resource allows researchers to look at the development over time of the portfolios of research organisations, publishers and funders.

Why use Dimensions Research Integrity and its Trust Markers?

Research integrity is one of the biggest issues facing scholarly communications this decade – ensuring research is validated is a bigger priority now than ever.

Being able to identify and remove illegitimate or tainted sources will not only benefit individual researchers using Dimensions Research Integrity, but help clean up the research ecosystem.

Evidence that research has been checked is also important to enhance research reputation and ensure legitimacy to third parties.

The importance of Trust Markers

The Trust Markers included in Dimensions Research Integrity offer comprehensive coverage, giving unparalleled insights into transparency and reproducibility of research.  Dimensions Research Integrity utilizes Trust Markers together with Natural Language Processing – our machine learning models extract key information from the full text of papers, enabling fully-customised reports and dashboards to be created.

The world’s largest research integrity dataset

Dimensions Research Integrity offers four distinct solutions to enable users to validate the research they are using, and in so doing protect others in the research ecosystem who will seek to use their outputs in the future.

Dimensions Research Integrity Dataset on Dimensions Google BigQuery

The scope and richness of data available in Dimensions Research Integrity means you can look beyond standard attention metrics to assess the quality of scientific communication and data sharing. This data is available via Dimensions GBQ .

Dimensions Research Integrity app

The Dimensions Research Integrity app is the easiest way to access and interpret the Dimensions Research Integrity Dataset, which contains research integrity data for tens of millions of publications. With it you can shine a light on the transparency and reproducibility of your organization’s research output and champion research integrity best practices.

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