Dimensions Modules&Apps

Visual analytical apps, APIs and datasets – solving challenges for every user

Use our apps, or let us help you set up your own dashboard application

Dimensions Modules&Apps provides analytical and workflow apps for different users and use cases – all drawing on the world’s largest linked research information dataset. And if you have specific challenges not met by our existing apps, we can tailor apps and services to your needs using the Modules&Apps infrastructure.

The use cases can range from targeted discovery, support of research and organizational strategy development to AI-driven knowledge extraction to answer your specific research questions.

Every challenge deserves a targeted solution

For many research challenges, a general search application isn’t enough to get to the desired results. For common and complex use cases – like defining a future research strategy for a research organization or company – a more targeted, more visual, ready-to-explore view can accelerate and deepen your insights. Similarly, if you need to analyze and understand a large research area, adopting a higher-level perspective for trends, researchers, organizations and funding streams is crucial to your success.

With Modules&Apps, Dimensions adds to an already powerful search application the infrastructure to create and provide specific apps and tools – providing you with deep, visual views for a huge range of research challenges.

Explore some of our applications

Perspectives & Insights

The Perspectives & Insights app provides you with targeted insights on research organizations, their outputs, researchers, networks, and impact – including benchmarking and comparison analyses. These capabilities support university leadership and research managers working on research strategy and impact assessment and have been fine-tuned with more than 40 development partners.

Landscape & Discovery

The Landscape & Discovery app takes search-based discovery to wider horizons: You can convert search results from Dimensions Analytics into a visual discovery app – allowing you to visually explore up to 500K publications within minutes, making use of massive computational power and AI.

Supporting customization and bespoke needs

With Dimensions Modules&Apps, you can access general-purpose dashboards and apps – providing instant insights for common use cases.

Yet sometimes, a specific twist or additional insights are required. Our infrastructure allows you to collaborate with the Dimensions team, to customize existing apps and dashboards to your specific requirements, as well as develop fully bespoke dashboards and apps.

Open for others to join

The Dimensions apps infrastructure is also open for partners who want to create value for other users. Our partners can align their capabilities with other Dimensions users seamlessly – creating dashboards and apps that connect to Dimensions data. Over time, an ecosystem of apps and dashboards will evolve, amplifying the value derived from the data for Dimensions customers.

Dimensions Modules&Apps – moving on from general tools to more specific apps