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Uncover new opportunities and make better strategic decisions, with the world’s largest research database

Today’s research and scholarly publishing landscape has never evolved faster and the stakes have never been higher.
Dimensions is here to support publishers with better business and editorial intelligence, to help you make the right choices more easily, and to enable your next strategic move.

The only research intelligence service with data across the full research lifecycle

Our cutting-edge dataset has more interconnected data than any other provider – including the most extensive  grant and patent information available. This is a unique breadth, depth and interplay of data that you won’t find anywhere else.

You don’t need to be a data expert to create quick powerful visualizations or dashboards across research organizations, source titles and countries, providing deeper  insights that help you uncover  previously unrealized opportunities at a glance.

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How Dimensions helps publishers

Data that underpins your strategy

Use data to make better strategic decisions, from:

  • Gaining invaluable insights into which fields, researchers and institutions will lead to new articles, journals, and impact. 
  • Enabling your team to conduct more complex subject trend analysis
  • Identifying new corporate prospects based on patents
  • Informing and validating OA flip strategies or  transformative agreements

Find what you need, fast

We leave no stone unturned. Even complex queries deliver results in seconds. You can explore across the whole research lifecycle, from:

  • Over 120 million publications to data on grants, clinical trials, patents, datasets and policy documents.
  • Over 70% of publications are available with full text indexing, so you will discover more relevant information than anywhere else.

Dimensions also provides direct links to the version of record, researchers can discover your content quickly and then get it directly from you.

Increase and diversify your talent pool

Find current talent and rising stars before your competitors do. The powerful analytics suite can help you to:

  • Identify and engage  emerging authors who are making  an impact in your field
  • Pinpoint potential candidates  who will bring new perspectives and expertise to your editorial board
  • Find a new pool of possible reviewers

Sara Rouhi

“Dimensions gives us the crucial broader view of the marketplace.”

Sara Rouhi, Director of Strategic Partnerships, PLOS

Patrick Franzen

“Using Dimensions, our teams can better understand where SPIE falls into the greater ecosystem of scientific publishing.”

Patrick Franzen, Director, Publications and Platform at SPIE

Aidan Morrison

“With Dimensions, I don’t waste my time clicking through and switching between databases to find the answers to my questions.”

Aidan Morrison, Emerald Publishing

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