A new approach to prospecting and market mapping

Learn how a commercial team uses Dimensions to drive business growth with prospecting and market mapping.

Whitepaper: Plastics in our oceans: what research is doing to help

In this report, we use Dimensions data to analyze the global research landscape of plastic pollution in oceans – looking at the volume of research publications in this field, and how many of these publications support the SDG goals through their areas of focus. We also use data from…

Whitepaper: Dimensions Research Integrity

Trust markers – the explicit statements on a paper such as funding, data availability, conflict of interest, author contributions, and ethical approval – represent a contract between authors and readers that proper research practices have been observed. Trust markers highlight research a level of transparency within a publication and reduce…

Whitepaper: Our changing planet: The role of research in climate action

This report in collaboration with Altmetric breaks down the state of climate change research today and highlights a key area that’s receiving less attention than expected. The report outlines how research databases like Dimensions can demonstrate the scope and value of the research data associated with climate action, and how…

Whitepaper: Hot topics in Pharma

The pressure to innovate is especially high, with patents for important, best selling biologics drugs on the way to expiry. As blockbuster brands lose exclusivity, makers of originator drugs are vying with companies producing new, cheaper biosimilar alternatives to retain shares of the market. Efforts to replenish R&D pipelines and…

Inform open access publishing strategies and evaluate transformative agreements

How to find and analyze data surrounding authorship and funding in topical areas by country, geography, institution, and funder.
University of Erlangen-Nuremberg Text Logo

University of Erlangen–Nuremberg: Facilitating data-driven research with Dimensions

Learn how the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg uses the Dimensions API to maximize research efficiency with pinpoint accuracy.

Whitepaper: The role of digital tools in medical affairs

As digital technology has fastly grown, so has the role of medical affairs, a trend that will continue in the future. Medical affairs professionals are no longer solely responsible for medical accuracy, but are now driving overall medical strategy and need as much support as possible to carry out these…

Insights into the academic world’s complex dynamics

Learn how the University of Zurich uses Dimensions to explore themes that affect research behavior and scientific integrity.

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