Track and report on the wider outcomes of funded research

How to tell a richer story of the impact of research programs when reporting on outcomes and ROI.

University of Minnesota: Directing the Focus of New Scientific Research

“Dimensions unlocks a lot of possibilities for important scientific analyses. It’s the technology that people have been waiting for and has profound implications for how we approach research across the globe.” Russell Funk, Associate Professor in the Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship group, Carlson School of Management, University of…

Monitor the unknown in strategic planning with horizon scanning

Our data, tools and expertise supports government organizations around the world in identifying the “unknown unknowns”, i.e., the data we don't know we don't know. 

Horizon scanning, technology watch and technology foresight

How to conduct more effective horizon scanning and get ahead of the curve with technology watch and technology foresight.

Creating clinical trial dashboards accessible for clinicians

Create a Clinical Trial Visualization Platform to transform scientific publications into an accessible and interactive format for clinicians and patients.

University of Oxford: Measuring the Evolution of Science

Learn how University of Oxford uses the depth of the Dimensions database for broad academic discovery.

Product guide – Dimensions analytics

This guide provides a short overview of Dimensions and how to best use the service

Institutional Dimensions roll out

This guide provides a succinct insight into how to promote Dimensions to other people, using their successful customers as examples

Boolean searching in Dimensions

This guide helps you understand how to do Boolean searches using Dimensions

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