Clinicians are faced with overwhelming amounts of information they need to keep abreast of – some of which is even behind paywalls. 

Dimensions Consulting Services can help make lives easier for clinicians – by taking your clinical trial publications and transforming them into publicly available and interactive dashboards.

Helping clinicians explore key information from clinical trials

Our Clinical Trial Visualization Platform transforms the vast amount of resources provided by scientific publications into an accessible and interactive format for clinicians and patients. 

An extract from the Pfizer COLUMBUS study clinical trial visualization.

Results are streamlined and presented using plain language, with visualizations making information easy to understand. 

The result is an open access dashboard that can be quickly and easily scanned by clinicians to enable them to extract the most relevant information with ease, such as:

  • educating clinicians about treatment efficacy 
  • comprehension of safety and tolerability of new drugs.

Dimensions offers an end-to-end solution including the design, structure, technical developments and hosting.

Dashboards are developed in parallel with the manuscript development that leads to the scientific publication – the publication itself can even contain references to the dashboard. The dashboard and the publication are then published at the same point in time.

See it for yourself: try out the first clinical trial dashboard conducted with Pfizer

Dimensions’ recent collaboration with Pfizer on the COLUMBUS trials showcases how clinical trial communications can be taken to the next level.

Safety and tolerability a visual extract from the Pfizer COLUMBUS study clinical trial visualization from Dimensions.
How efficacious are the treatments, a visual extract from the Pfizer COLUMBUS study clinical trial visualization from Dimensions.

Take your clinical trial communications to the next level 

The friendly Dimensions data scientist team are experienced at working closely with pharmaceutical companies to take rich, complex data and transform them into accessible insights and solutions.  

Talk to us about how we can support HCP’s with clinical trial visualizations for your company.