The power of AI, grounded in scientific evidence

“By responsibly utilizing AI technology we can accelerate research to make a positive difference to the world.”

Christian Herzog, Digital Science Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of Dimensions 

Research and the advancement of science is at the heart of what we do

We’re continuously finding new ways that we can harness AI to speed up research discovery and make interpretation of scientific literature easier, faster, and more accessible for all.

Dimensions AI Summarization

Supercharge your discovery with AI generated insights

Generate a summary of the content of most interest to your research area in a few easy clicks. Now available to all Dimensions users, you can speed up your scientific literature interpretation by gaining AI-generated insights and supercharging your discovery. See it for yourself in the free version of Dimensions: 

Dimensions Research GPT

Generative AI meets scientific evidence

We have launched an application with OpenAI to provide a tailored version of the ChatGPT experience rooted in scientific evidence. By utilizing ChatGPT’s conversational interface to draw answers from Dimensions, users can quickly uncover new insights with generative AI grounded in scientific evidence, and immediatly access to source articles and references on Dimensions.

Dimensions Research GPT provides answers you can trust that are evidence-based and research-specific, less prone to hallucinations, and more fit to be used to answer scientific questions.


Dimensions Research GPT

Gain fast answers based on open-access data

  • Publicly available 
  • Free for all Dimensions users
  • Accessible for free by anyone with a Plus or Enterprise ChatGPT account
  • Calls on open-access publications 
  • Access via ChatGPT

Dimensions Research GPT Enterprise

Accelerate research with the full power of Dimensions data

  • Privately available 
  • Subscription-based 
  • Accessible to organization-wide Dimensions Analytics subscribers with an Enterprise ChatGPT account
  • Calls on publications, grants, clinical trials, and patents
  • Access on request, for eligible subscribers, via the Dimensions support team

Dimensions Research GPT Enterprise

Create a custom research solution for answers as you need them

  • Privately available according to custom requirements
  • Subscription-based
  • Accessible to organization-wide Dimensions Analytics subscribers with an Enterprise ChatGPT account
  • Calls on publications, grants, clinical trials, and patents 
  • Access via consultation with the Dimensions team

How our AI lineage began

Our journey to AI began in 2015, when we were early to integrate machine learning for classification schemes, such as RCDC, SDGs, and FoR Codes, as well as implementing clustering analyses, data annotation and enhancement to Dimensions Analytics. Fast forward a few years, and we have made further advances to apply sentiment analysis, alongside Altmetric, to online conversations about research. AI has had a huge impact on the way we approach the research needs of our clients and we have worked alongside them, lending our expertise to solve the complex needs, use cases and challenges of leading organizations.

In 2023, we were the first to launch an AI Assistant in beta, and have now used feedback from the academic community to develop an updated, fully integrated summarization feature in the Dimensions web app – available to users on both the free and paid versions. 

Simultaneously, we have joined OpenAI to deliver the Dimensions Research GPT, a unique tool that Plus and Enterprise ChatGPT users can integrate into their workflows to ensure evidence-based responses to their queries – rapidly accelerating research discovery and interpretation.  

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