Accelerate your research with generative AI results grounded in scientific evidence

The Dimensions Research GPT Enterprise, available to organization-wide Dimensions Analytics subscribers with a ChatGPT Enterprise account, leverages generative AI results with scientific evidence provided by Dimensions’ world-leading collection of linked research data.

Calling on Dimensions’ full database of over 348 million records, including publications, clinical trials, patents, and grants data, the Dimensions Research GPT Enterprise can transform your discovery workflows.

Discover evidence-based insights with Dimensions Research GPT Enterprise

Dimensions Research GPT Enterprise offers the research community and users of ChatGPT a solution to leverage the power of AI with Dimensions data, believed to offer more coverage and depth of data than any other provider. ChatGPT users can quickly and easily:

  • Access answers to research-related questions informed by Dimensions’ data including hundreds of millions of publications, clinical trials, patents, and grants.
  • Receive a notification each time the content generated is based on Dimensions’ data and access references to the source.
  • Click through the references provided to access more details on the source article on Dimensions and deepen your investigation.

Dimensions Research GPT Enterprise Custom

Looking for an AI solution to fit your specific needs? Dimensions Research GPT Enterprise also offers customization opportunities, based on your knowledge needs. Get in touch with our friendly team to discover how we can help you achieve deeper research insights.

Request access

Dimensions Research GPT Enterprise is available to clients who have a ChatGPT Enterprise account. Our team will work together with you to set up your private Dimensions Research GPT Enterprise on your ChatGPT Enterprise platform and link it to our Dimensions database. For more details please get in touch.

It’s important to note that even though Dimensions Research GPT is powered by Dimensions’ data, it is not absent from the risk of hallucinations. GPTs are customised versions of ChatGPT, provided by OpenAI.  The operation and availability of ChatGPT is outside of our control and as with any AI output, results should be verified. Please read our T&Cs.