Dimensions, the world’s largest linked research database, is the ideal solution for horizon scanning. Our data, tools and expertise supports government organizations around the world in identifying the “unknown unknowns”, i.e., the data we don’t know we don’t know. 

Dimensions provides access to hundreds of millions of documents and billions of relationships, making it the largest corpus of data relevant to horizon scanning of science and technology. Our unique data includes patents, policy documents, datasets, clinical trials, publications with 70% full-text indexing, and the most extensive collection of global grant information.

Horizon scanning usually requires a broad information search with the long view in mind, identifying potential things that may arise in the years ahead. You can look broadly for any weak signals or statistically unusual research activity to identify patterns or anomalies for further investigation.

Using Dimensions, you can extend your search to sources beyond traditional research literature, by incorporating your own internal data or looking for expert opinions. Our data supports standard and validated indicators for horizon scanning, as well as the experimentation and validation of novel indicators. This will help you to question assumptions about what will happen in the future and build strategies that are resilient and adaptable to changing conditions.

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