Government organizations and funders provide a vital stream of investment for scientific research. However, it can be challenging to quantify and demonstrate the practical value and outcomes of funded research programs. Authorities and funding bodies need to understand the long-term impact of research, which means going beyond volume of outputs and interventions, to explore the effects on populations, communities, the environment, research fields, and even researchers themselves.

Determining the broader influence of research can support strategic spending decisions and improve the way funding is allocated. Such insights allow government organizations and funders to tell a richer story of their program and its impacts, which is helpful when reporting back to stakeholders on outcomes and ROI.

As the only research intelligence service with data across the full research lifecycle, Dimensions enables organizations to quickly understand the impact of the projects they have supported. Armed with our comprehensive, near real-time data, they can not only measure the value of this work, but also better communicate the wider results of their investment.

Using Dimensions to better understand research impact

Dimensions provides unique insights into the performance of research programs, with the world’s largest available collection of research data. This expands beyond publications to include grants, patents, clinical trials and policy documents. Using inbuilt or custom-made dashboards with filters, users can analyze this data with ease, finding exactly what they need to report on their program impact. 

Dimensions also allows funding organizations to keep up with what’s happening in the fields they’re funding. By evaluating areas of interest, and discovering new fields and concepts, they can predict trends and use these to make informed decisions about R&D and funding strategies. 

A complete solution to strategic planning 

We take a holistic approach to research, combining an enriched, organized and connected data platform with world-class expertise and support. Our team is committed to helping our users leverage Dimensions data, quickly filling knowledge gaps and creating a tailored solution that is designed to meet their needs. We make it easy to find information fast, answering specific questions, as well as asking new ones to offer insights that teams didn’t know they needed. 

We help government organizations and funders focus their research, whether in identifying major global areas of inquiry, changes in scientific fields, experts to work with, or other opportunities for collaboration. Armed with this knowledge, they can spend their money as effectively as possible. 

Finally, Dimensions can offer insights into the performance of other funded research studies, so government organizations and funders can benchmark their own capacities and find a path to better pursue their mission. 

Harnessing data to achieve your mission

Government departments and funding agencies often have specific missions linked to societal objectives. Whether an organization is exploring nature-based solutions to the climate crisis, improving public health and wellbeing, or providing for national defense, Dimensions data can offer a more complete picture of their activity and impact.

Our data analysts can help organizations understand how well their research funding impact is delivering on their mission. This includes identifying publications from their research programs that became prominent, widely cited or added to the literature corpus in the field. Our impact assessment dashboards also reveal how relevant audiences may have been able to discover and connect with funded research, identifying work that has been picked up by the media and linking to policy development.

Beyond this, Dimensions can even be used to show whether funding kept researchers in the field. Users can track impact at an individual level, seeing whether a study became central to a researcher’s career progression and institutional reputation. 

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