Get rapid insights into any research landscape

Horizon scan in seconds, with your own target landscape analysis dashboards.

You can convert search results from Dimensions Analytics into a visual discovery app – allowing you to visually explore up to 500K publications, grants, patents, and clinical trials within minutes.

What Dimensions Landscape & Discovery can do for you

To make strategic research decisions, you need to understand the current research landscape. However, running multiple searches and analyzing mountains of data can be a long and taxing task.

Dimensions Landscape Discovery makes it simple. You can quickly create a custom visual dashboard – then easily conduct an analysis of any given topic, explore complex insights in seconds, and gain an in-depth snapshot of your research area of interest.

It’s deep knowledge discovery at a glance:

  • See which organizations have had the most success in collaborating across the academic-corporate divide
  • Determine which lines of investigation have attracted the most grant funding in emerging areas
  • Find publication information including volume, growth rate, and keyword co-occurrence and prevalence
  • Discover funding information; what is being funded, by whom and where
  • Assess the degree to which basic research has been translated into new technologies or therapies through patent and clinical-trial linkages
  • Find out which funders are most likely to make a bet on high-risk/high-reward research in a given research area
  • Spot what patents exist across the globe, and who is funding and publishing this work

The data accessible

  • Publications
  • Grants
  • Patents
  • Clinical trials
  • Policy documents

Technical details

  • A Dimensions Analytics subscription is required to access Dimensions Landscape & Discovery.

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