When making strategic research decisions, it’s important to understand and know the current research landscape.

The thought of running multiple complex searches and analysing streams of data can be daunting, but now with Dimensions you can create your own landscape analysis dashboard to horizon scan in seconds.

You can quickly fill knowledge gaps and gain an in-depth snapshot of your research area of interest, as you bring together over 126+ million publications, grants, patents, clinical trials, and policy documents, creating over 4 billion connections across the research lifecycle.

Deep knowledge discovery at a glance

See what you can discover with Dimensions Dashboards:

The possibilities are endless

Whatever you need to know, whether it’s understanding research into new technologies, exploring the latest climate-resilient green initiatives, discovering life-saving medicine or much more, you can easily create a custom dashboard in record time to analyse the research landscape at ease.

It’s simple. Just search using any keyword(s) and then select ‘create a dashboard’.

In under two minutes you’ll be able to explore your personal landscape analysis dashboard, which includes easy to use filters and visualisations to understand, at a glance, the research landscape of any given topic.

You can explore:

  • Publication information including volume; growth rate and keyword co-occurrence and prevalence
  • Funding information; what is being funded, by whom and where
  • Patent information; what patents exist across the globe, and who is funding and publishing this work

Take a look at just some of the insights you can gather:

Spot connections

Visually explore broad keywords to uncover relationships and connections. Dimensions enables you to easily track trends and perform analyses.

See where funding is going

Review where current funding is going, with over $1.3 trillion in funded grant information, 126+ million publications, and real-time citation data, it’s quick and easy to see collaborations between industry,
researchers, and academia.

Predict future trends

Visually explore publicly funded research projects. See the growth in publications over time; and, easily discover potential partners in specific fields or see who is interacting in your field of research.

Explore global patents

Gain insights on the forefront of ingenuity, as you explore 144 million global patents with full-text search including China, Japan, United States, Germany, EPO, South Korea, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), United Kingdom, France, Australia.

Talk to us to learn more

This is the first iteration of our new dashboards and reporting tools to coming to Dimensions. To join us from the start and find out more about how Dimensions can support your horizon scanning now and in the future, contact us and we’ll be in touch soon.