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The Dimensions Research Integrity app is the easiest way to access and interpret the Dimensions Research Integrity Dataset, which contains research integrity data for tens of millions of publications. With it you can shine a light on the transparency and reproducibility of your organization’s research output and champion research integrity best practices.

What Dimensions Research Integrity can do for you

The visual app is developed using AI models that recognize Trust Markers, the hallmarks of responsible science.

 At speed, you can monitor and interpret  the occurrence of Trust Markers in your organization’s publications with visual charts that enable you to quickly:

  •  Identify areas for improvement
  • Compare with peers and competitors
  • Measure the impact of interventions
  • Align with government and funder policies.

The data accessible

  • Trust Marker data for over 33 million publications
  • Indication of the presence or absence of Trust Markers alongside deeper detail where this can be extracted
  • Trust Marker data for the publications of any publisher, funder or research organization
  • Benchmarking against peer and competitor organizations, so you can identify areas for improvement
  • Benchmarking against country-level research integrity figures
  • Trust Marker data includes:
    • Presence or absence of data availability statements
    • Data availability status (e.g. is data in a repository or in supplementary files?)
    • Data repository keywords indicating tool adoption (e.g. “Figshare”)
    • URLs linking to data repositories where available
    • Presence or absence of code availability statements
    • URLs linking to code repositories where available
    • Presence or absence of funding statements
    • Presence or absence of ethical approval statements
    • Presence or absence of competing interests statements
    • Presence or absence of author contribution statements
    • Verbs found in author contribution statements, indicating how authors contributed to a publication (e.g. “analyzed”, “conceptualized”)

Technical details

Available as a subscription offering. 

Three versions are available, each presenting the data from a different perspective: research institutions, funders, and publishers.

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