Dimensions APIs

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Dimensions contains a network of more than 150 million records connected by billions of links. This vast information landscape supports a myriad of business and analytical needs. Making data available in ways that are useful to the research community is a key priority for the Dimensions team, so we’ve designed several API services with your needs in mind.

Analytics API

The Analytics API supports extraction of Dimensions data for use in complex analyses and visualizations in support of internal analytical tools and reporting. The API uses an intuitive query language specifically developed for Dimensions data. You can retrieve, aggregate, and sort data from highly specific requests in a single API call. Additional services like text categorization are also available. In this video, you will get an introduction to the Dimensions APIs.


The CRIS API is specifically designed to retrieve Dimensions data and enrichments for all internal CRIS / RIMS systems, like Symplectic Elements, Interfolio, or Elsevier’s Pure. Our recent webinar shows how research institutions who are using a CRIS system can use the Dimensions API for their different needs.

Learn more

Official API Documentation

Find out more about the Dimensions Search Language features and usage.

Dimensions API labs

Open source Jupyter notebooks showing how to carry out common scholarly data analytics tasks using the Dimensions Analytics API.

Watch our training series

We’re running regular training sessions to ensure our users can make the most out of our API’s. Watch the latest sessions on YouTube.

Metrics API and Dimensions Badges

Enrich your publications with metrics and colorful Dimensions Badges, allowing your users to easily see how many citations your publications have received. The Metrics API and Dimensions Badges are free to use for non-commercial purposes.

Metrics API documentation

The Dimensions Metrics API is openly available for non-commercial use – get all information required to use it.

Dimensions Badges

Enrich your publications with the colorful Dimensions badges – Please register here and we will send you further instructions.

User stories

See how publishers, academic institutions and researchers use Dimensions badges & indicators.

How to get access

Please get in touch to discuss the best option for you. For one-off academic research projects we can also grant free access to our APIs.