Supercharge your knowledge discovery—discover laser-precise ontology-based search for faster answers to complex queries

What Dimensions L&C can do for you

  • Dimensions L&C uses the ontologies from OntoChem, which include around 40 million concepts and 100 million synonyms from more than 35 knowledge domains such as compounds, proteins, diseases, drugs, materials, methods, devices or species
  • Quickly get answers to complex and diverse queries directly from the source content based on the insights systematically captured in ontologies and computational power
  • Possible applications in the area of protein/gene drug-disease interactions, validation of biomarkers, searching for small molecules, chemical reactions and gene sequences
  • Identify relevant documents and gain deeper insights through semantic analysis and chemistry & sequences search
  • Data derived from Dimensions’ more than 130 million publications, contextualized with linked grants, patents and clinical trials

The data accessible

  • Publications
  • Grants
  • Patents
  • Clinical trials
  • OntoChem ontologies

Technical details

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