Comprehensive Dataset for Research & Innovation

With Dimensions on Google BigQuery, you can seamlessly combine Dimensions data with your own private and external datasets; integrate with Business Intelligence and data visualization tools; and analyze billions of data points in seconds to create the actionable insights your organization needs.

What Dimensions GBQ can do for you

  • Competitive intelligence
  • Horizon-scanning & emerging trends
  • Innovation landscape mapping
  • Academic & industry partnerships and collaboration networks
  • Key Opinion Leader (KOL) identification
  • Recruitment & talent
  • Performance & benchmarking
  • Tracking funding dollar flows and citation patterns
  • Literature gap analysis
  • Marketing and communication strategy
  • Social and economic impact of research

Verify research integrity and practices, with Trust Marker analysis

Access data uncovering the presence of Trust Markers, the hallmarks of research integrity and open science, in over 33 million publications since 2011.

  • Examine articles, book chapters, conference proceedings and preprints, using Trust Markers to assess research transparency and reproducibility.
  • Get access to data about what publications contain Trust Markers, the hallmarks of research integrity and open science (data availability statements, competing interest statements, and other indicators of trustworthiness and reproducibility)
  • Analyze Trust Markers at the paper level, or aggregate by publisher, funder, or research institution
  • Identify trends in good research communication practices across publications connected to your organization, broken down by time, field of research, etc.
  • Compare research your organization to peers/competitors and to global/local trends
  • Track compliance of your organization’s publications with your own policies or with external policies (e.g. funder mandates)
  • Identifying research practices that are good topics for research integrity training, or well adopted practices that could become policy

The data accessible

  • Publications
  • Datasets
  • Grants
  • Patents
  • Clinical trials
  • Policy documents
  • Technical reports
  • Researchers
  • Organizations
  • Organization groups
  • Expected update frequency: Daily

Technical details

Available as a subscription offering. Get in touch with us for more information.

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