Comprehensive Dataset for Research & Innovation

With Dimensions on Google BigQuery, you can seamlessly combine Dimensions data with your own private and external datasets; integrate with Business Intelligence and data visualization tools; and analyze billions of data points in seconds to create the actionable insights your organization needs.

What Dimensions GBQ can do for you

  • Competitive intelligence
  • Horizon-scanning & emerging trends
  • Innovation landscape mapping
  • Academic & industry partnerships and collaboration networks
  • Key Opinion Leader (KOL) identification
  • Recruitment & talent
  • Performance & benchmarking
  • Tracking funding dollar flows and citation patterns
  • Literature gap analysis
  • Marketing and communication strategy
  • Social and economic impact of research

The data accessible

  • Publications
  • Datasets
  • Grants
  • Patents
  • Clinical trials
  • Policy documents
  • Technical reports
  • Researchers
  • Organizations
  • Organization groups
  • Expected update frequency: Daily

Technical details

Available as a subscription offering. Get in touch with us for more information.

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