The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), Canada’s federal funding agency for health research, has joined Dimensions with the aim of gaining an in-depth understanding of its funded academic research and boost their impact nationally and internationally. 

With the API for Dimensions CIHR can extract comprehensive publication and citation metadata from articles funded by their organization (read Analyse innovation impact to get more information about how Dimensions API can identify and amplify groundbreaking studies that have the potential to reshape research). Utilizing Dimensions to search for the number of citations from their grantees in international policy documents will help CIHR bridge any gaps between research and policy. In addition, Dimensions will also be used to enable CIHR to create comprehensive researcher profiles, highlighting their contributions and showcasing the impact of their research endeavors. 

Cat Williams, Managing Director of Data & Analytics at Digital Science, said: “We’re excited by the opportunity to collaborate with CIHR, and to assist with the implementation of their strategy to build the country’s research capabilities to save more lives in Canada and the rest of the world. We’re looking forward to helping CIHR better understand the impact its support is making through Canadian researchers and research programs.”

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