For many researchers, the excitement surrounding Generative AI (GAI) has been mixed with skepticism because of concerns ranging from hallucinations to ethical AI development. In response, Dimensions has developed its custom GPT solutions, uniting the robust data from Dimensions with ChatGPT’s AI platform: Dimensions Research GPT and Dimensions Research GPT Enterprise. These solutions mean that researchers can now access an advanced literature discovery workflow that merges the scientific evidence base of Dimensions with the Generative AI functionality of ChatGPT – reducing the likelihood of hallucinations and providing click-through scholarly references for each statement to enable quick and easy validation and further discovery. 

Dimensions Research GPT offers answers based on Open Access publications, and is freely available to anyone with a Plus or Enterprise subscription to OpenAI’s GPT Store. On the other hand, Dimensions Research GPT Enterprise caters to ChatGPT Enterprise and Dimensions customers, enabling use of our interlinked database covering hundreds of millions of publications, grants, clinical trials, and patents in a private setting. Our expert team will also be available to work with clients keen to develop customized versions of the GPT to serve specific use cases and address critical business challenges.

Both solutions offer users of ChatGPT the ability to unearth precise answers and generative summaries underpinned by the robust scientific data available in Dimensions, all through the familiar ChatGPT interface.

Key features of Dimensions Research GPT Enterprise include:

  • Answers to research queries incorporating publication data, clinical trials, patents, and grant information.
  • Deployment within the client’s private environment, exclusively accessible to the client’s end users.
  • Notifications to alert users whenever the content is derived from Dimensions data, complete with references and citation details.
  • Results that include clickable links directing users to Dimensions to explore the source material further.

By tapping into millions of publications, both Dimensions Research GPT and Dimensions Research GPT Enterprise can furnish targeted information, reducing the potential for generative AI-induced hallucinations and helping users discover more. 

The launch of Dimensions Research GPT and Dimensions Research GPT Enterprise underscores Digital Science’s dedication to open science and responsible AI development. These solutions represent the latest advancements in AI tools, continuing the trend set by other Digital Science products. 2024 promises further AI developments, aligning with Digital Science’s commitment to responsible innovation and the widespread accessibility of powerful research solutions. 

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