Dimensions has unveiled its AI-driven summarization feature to support users in their discovery process for publications, grants, patents and clinical trials and address the daunting task of navigating and condensing vast amounts of information. According to data from Dimensions, seven million articles, patents, and grants were published in 2023 alone. 

This fully-integrated summarization feature leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to enable users to swiftly gauge the relevance of the research records featured in their search results. Whether utilizing the free web app or the enhanced Dimensions platform, users can benefit from this tool, which has the potential to accelerate discovery workflows and support decision-making processes. Moreover, organizations with access to the enhanced Dimensions platform can get summaries drawn from articles and grants, clinical trials, and patent records. 

The journey towards developing the summarization feature began with the beta launch of the AI Assistant in August 2023, followed by extensive feedback from diverse stakeholders in the research community, including academic institutions, industry players, publishers, government entities, and funders. Drawing upon this feedback, the Dimensions team has seamlessly integrated the summarization feature into the web application, allowing users to access concise, AI-generated insights for each search result easily.

Dimensions’ latest advancement underscores its commitment to harnessing the power of AI to empower the entire research community, and it also represents Digital Science’s wider commitment to innovation, hand-in-hand with the responsible development of AI tools. 

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