Since the launch of Dimensions nearly a year ago, our team has worked at a tireless pace in an effort to deliver innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of the research community. We’ve had the opportunity to work very closely with many development partners from stakeholders across the research ecosystem to ensure we help address the challenges they meet daily and aid them in better access to research and discovery.

As a leader of the Dimensions Development Partner Program, I’ve had the opportunity to partner with some brilliant minds around the world and discuss ways to improve access to data and develop dynamic ways to analyze the research. This collaborative approach has been invaluable to the direction of Dimensions and improvements we have implemented to improve the discovery process.

Of the many collaborative projects I’ve seen come to life, Michigan Research Experts, recently launched by The University of Michigan, was certainly one of the most synergistic to follow. The new searchable database was built using a combination of Digital Science portfolio’s expertise including Symplectic, Dimensions, Altmetric and Readcube technology.


The new search and discovery portal will allow the University of Michigan to showcase their expertise to other researchers and potential commercial partners. The extensive search functionality and intuitive interface allows visitors to find relevant experts and explore the University of Michigan’s publications, clinical trials, grants, and patents.

To learn more about this collaboration and see how this data-driven approach to understanding institutional research expertise was created, read the full case study here.