Earlier this year, datasets were added to all versions of Dimensions as a new content type. As many funders globally nowadays mandate the publication of non-traditional outputs such as datasets, we believe this was a great step forward in getting a complete picture on research, all linked within one platform.

The first batch that was released in January 2020 contained roughly 1.5 million datasets and we are very pleased to inform you that we have now expanded the number of datasets in Dimensions to 8.1 million. Out of these, 2 million are linked to identified publications.

The first batch included datasets from Figshare, Figshare hosted repositories, Dryad, Zenodoo, Pangea, and Mendeley data. We’re now happy to report that we have included datasets from approximately 900 DataCite repositories. DataCite is a leading global non-profit organisation that provides persistent identifiers (DOIs) for research data and other research outputs. Their members include data centers, libraries, government agencies and research universities from more than 42 countries. 

Having a large volume of datasets included in Dimensions offers a wealth of possibilities for discovery, profiling and analysis. It allows academic researchers to more easily discover datasets relevant to their work and to showcase their own datasets on their profiles. Research administrators and publishers will be able use the datasets in trends and impact analyses, and Dimensions users working in corporate R&D will be able to enrich their field analyses.