We are excited to announce the first of many integrations with Figshare, part of the Digital Science portfolio of products. Figshare provides FAIR compliant data infrastructure for institutions, publishers and funders. Data can be shared privately with collaborators or made public in the name of open research or to comply with funder and publisher mandates.

With the new integration, Dimensions users can directly view any open data that is hosted on Figshare and is associated with a publication. The Fighsare Viewer provides a more seamless experience by displaying associated data directly on the article details page without the need to download any files. The technology, which is unique to Figshare, can preview over 1,200 different file types including data, videos, code, images and many other files that are commonly used in research.


Every item uploaded publically to Figshare receives a unique DOI which is tracked by Altmetric for mentions across social media, news sites, blogs and grey literature. In addition to the data, downloads, views and citations of over 3 million files, will now be available directly within the Dimensions platform to showcase the impact of supplemental data. All data will be openly available for academic reuse and licensed under a CC0, CC-BY and in some cases CC-BY-NC license. The integration is currently limited to publishers using ‘Figshare for Publishers’ which includes Springer Nature, Sage, Wiley, Taylor and Francis, PLOS and Royal Society among many others. This is the first of many integrations between Figshare and Dimensions that will enrich the user experience on both platforms.

To explore the new feature, visit https://app.dimensions.ai/ and please let us know if you have any questions.