Whether you are providing funding for grant applications or publishing new manuscripts, it can be difficult and time-consuming to find expert reviewers. There are vast numbers of potential candidates out there, but discovering them (and ensuring they’re a good match) is another story.

As a result, you often find yourself competing for the same small pool of experts – and without even knowing if there are others who are better-matched to your needs.

That’s where Reviewer Finder can help. It lets you navigate seamlessly across millions of expert profiles that are precisely matched to your criteria. Saving you hours of time, it enables you to find expert reviewers fast, pinpoint the best match and make better-informed decisions.

How it works

Reviewer Finder uses term extraction and matching technology to identify the best candidates. Crucially, it then supports the whole reviewer workflow – from managing applications to building committees and contacting reviewers.

  • Using the title and abstract of a manuscript, publication, or grant, it identifies key concepts and matches them to researchers with relevant expertise, based on their publications and grants in Dimensions. You can customize these concepts, adding or deleting anything you want.
  • After fine-tuning the results like this, you can use Dimensions filters to focus them further.
  • The results list provides tools to help you evaluate the suggested matches. Dimensions identifies any obvious conflicts of interest, based on co-authorship and institutional affiliations; it also highlights relevant papers and grants to show why a person has been selected and their publication date range (which could indicate their career stage).

In addition, the Clustering feature allows you to organize workspaces with a large number of applications, cluster similar grants together and auto-assign reviewers from a pre-selected pool. You can also use the efficient Committee Builder feature to save a group of potential candidates, keep notes and track their progress.

See Reviewer Finder in action

To see what Reviewer Finder could do for you, just get in touch for a demo.