Publicly available interactive scientific communications tool helps clinicians be more efficient in exploring key information from clinical trials.

Extract exploring how effective treatments are from the Pfizer COLUMBUS study clinical trial visualization.

With the volume and depth of scientific information available, health care professionals can be faced with high volumes of complex information that can take huge amounts of time to digest. Dimensions Consulting Services has created a new Clinical Trial Visualization Platform  that can be quickly and easily scanned for the most relevant information – educating clinicians about treatment efficacy as well as the safety and tolerability of new drugs.

Dimensions Consulting Services empowers users by transforming the vast amount of resources provided by scientific publications into an accessible and interactive format for clinicians and patients. For example, you can streamline key results that will help educate patients using plain language and visualizations in an easily understandable way.

Interactivity for clinicians and patients alike

We enable healthcare professionals to access the latest information and interrogate it from different angles, ‘live’ and interactive visualizations provide scientific information in a modern and appealing format.

And… you can also remove the barrier of expert language and also allow patients to participate in the latest results of clinical research.

Over to you: try out the first clinical trial dashboard

Dimensions’ recent collaboration with Pfizer on the COLUMBUS trials showcases how clinical trial communications can be taken to the next level.

The project presented the results of a five-year update into the major COLUMBUS study, comparing a combination of pharmaceutical treatments for patients with metastatic melanoma.

Extract exploring how treatments are tolerated from the Pfizer COLUMBUS study clinical trial visualization.

Dimensions and Pfizer utilized non-traditional technologies to generate ‘living’ visualizations that are responsive to users and ensure access to the main findings are simple to navigate and in plain language.

Dimensions delivers this dashboard as an end-2-end solution including the design, structure, technical developments and hosting. The dashboard is developed in parallel with the manuscript development that leads to the scientific publication – the publication itself can even contain references to the dashboard. The dashboard and the publication are then published at the same point in time.

A five-year update from the COLUMBUS study has been published recently in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

Innovate your communications 

The Dimensions data scientist team are experienced at working closely with pharmaceutical companies to take rich, complex data and transform them into accessible insights and solutions.  

Talk to us about how we can support you to take your clinical trial data to the next level.

Extract exploring safety and tolerability from the Pfizer COLUMBUS study clinical trial visualization.