Introducing the new app that provides a clear dashboard for quick strategic insights and benchmarking

University leaders like you want to be able to assess their organization’s performance and benchmark it against others, but they lack an easy way to do so. As a result, it can be hard to see where the organization could improve and to shape its strategic direction. 

Now, Dimensions Perspectives & Insights can uncover the strategic information that you need to understand how an organization is performing and achieve your research strategy. Using advanced analytics, it quickly analyzes the whole Dimensions database and creates a series of visual dashboards where you can see and compare multiple criteria. 

How it works

Whether you’re analyzing your own or another organization, the dashboards include an overview of the institution from multiple angles: publications, researchers, concepts, funding, collaboration, and benchmarking. 

It presents you with a rich overview of research performance, including:

  • policy-document and patent citations
  • performance by SDG goal
  • concepts and frequency of concepts in research
  • internal and external collaborators (including which collaborations have been most successful)
  • grants given by funding amount
  • … and a great deal more. 

You can then use filters to drill down and get the specific insights you’re looking for: for example, an age filter shows you whether a department’s staff are all nearing retirement, so you might want to consider recruiting in order to keep your grant funding. 

The insights you gain enable you to:

  • Identify your organization’s specific strengths
  • Scan your research ecosystem for potential risks, and spot any pockets of non-compliance
  • Win more funding
  • Find new collaborators with complementary areas of expertise
  • Hire and retain the best talent
  • Communicate the value of your organization’s research portfolio. 

Most importantly, however, Dimensions Perspectives & Insights will aid you in setting a well-informed strategy for your organization’s future. 

See Perspectives & Insights in action

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