Or ‘Seize your opportunity and join the Dimensions team as a Product Manager focused on research management data and tools!’

Research (management) matters a lot!

The last year and a half has shown how crucial science is for every one of us: the rapid response of the research world has not only led to COVID-19 vaccines in record time, but has also helped to optimise the care given in hospitals, the mental health challenges of lockdown, as well as helping policymakers address the economic challenges created by the crisis. Some of the technologies being used to combat COVID-19, such mRNA vaccine platform, result not from research done last year but long-term investment from thousands of researchers around the world. While vaccines have been produced by biotech and pharma companies, academic research over decades laid the foundation. 

Dr. Katalin Karikó, who works at the University of Pennsylvania and BioNTech, has spent decades of her research career developing mRNA approaches for vaccination. As noted in a recent story in the New York Times, and is so often the case, she carried out her work without massive institutional support from universities at which she has worked. Despite that, her research has become a critical factor in the fight against COVID-19.  Many will owe their lives to the innovation that she has pioneered.

Profile for Katalin Karikó on Dimensions

Her story has a happy ending (for all of us) but how many important or potentially life-changing research ideas get lost in the academic machine? How should universities go about detecting, supporting and developing ideas that might be not the norm? Creating the right environment to foster and develop ideas is at the centre of what universities and research institutes do, but it is not easy.

At Digital Science and Dimensions, we get up every day to work with the global academic community to provide the best, most diverse data that we can find, and bring that together with the most flexible tools that we can imagine to support our partners.

…and, if you share the belief that tools like ours can make the difference, this is where you come in!

Dimensions goes beyond the standard paradigm of looking at publications and citations to allow a user to create a broader context of research. We believe that better context leads to better decisions. Dimensions embodies that belief – drawing together and linking grants, patents, policy documentation, research datasets, publications and citations – to create a truly holistic view of research. Created with analysis in mind, Dimensions has an easy to use interface for simple everyday use cases for researchers and administrators together with unrivalled tools to connect Dimensions data to dashboarding and analysis tools.

We are looking for a Product expert/Product Manager who:

  • Has experience in or with research management/research strategy/policy developments or worked in the field of scientometrics
  • Has product management experience or an affinity to software and ‘building stuff’
  • Is not afraid of data, or may even have SQL experience 
  • Is interested in managing the co-building process with our development partners in academic organisations

At Digital Science, many of our colleagues have worked as researchers or research administrators before – and made a lateral entry into the world of software and services. We strongly encourage you to consider the merits of building tools that help research administrators and strategists to make the right decisions. If you are a scientometrician, perhaps you would enjoy the challenges of translating scientometric research into tools?

What we can offer

  • A team worth living for! At Digital Science you can feel that each team member joined a team with a purpose.  We enjoy a healthy debate and strive for the best solution regardless of hierarchy.
  • A work environment aligned with your personal life: Even before COVID, the Digital Science team was highly distributed with many colleagues working from home.  While COVID has changed the world around us, we remain committed to giving colleagues as much flexibility as possible – mixing home working for those who enjoy it with our hub offices in London, Boston, Cologne, Hamburg and Iasi. If you prefer an office in a different location we are good at finding partner companies or development partners where we can get you settled in nicely.
  • Autonomy and support: satisfaction and fun in the workplace depend on the latitude and autonomy with which you can operate. At Dimensions, we try our best  to provide this space, which includes the safety to debate the issues to improve the outcomes for the space we serve.
  • And, of course, a competitive compensation and benefits package. More of the ‘regular’ details can be found in the job posting.

Any change of direction can be scary, but the two important things are: to do something that makes a difference and to do that with people you like and respect.  That’s why we’re running a webinar to help you to get to know our team and our product.

To facilitate those of you who are at the beginning of your journey, the webinar software does not allow participants to see the identity of other participants. Team members on the webinar will include:

  • Daniel Hook, CEO Digital Science
  • Heidi Becker, Director Engagement for Dimensions
  • Isabel Thompson, Head of Dimensions Data Platform
  • Christian Herzog, CEO Dimensions

Please register for the webinar using the button below.

For this role, we are currently able to accept applications from the following countries where we maintain offices and support structures: 

  • UK
  • USA
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Romania
  • Spain
  • Denmark

If you like who and what you saw in the webinar we would be thrilled to get in touch with you – the first step would be to respond with a short summary of why you want to join and a CV – both can be submitted via the button below.

But these are not all the open positions in the Dimensions team – if you would like to bring family and friends along with whom you want to work together, we will soon advertise the following roles as well:

  • Data Scientists/Analysts (preferably with BI tool experience)
  • Python Developers

If you are interested or think that we should get in touch with someone please just send us an introduction to jobs@dimensions.ai and we will follow up!

Christian and Daniel