Finding the link with Dimensions

Dimensions’ Landscape & Discovery app has been developed to provide an in-depth understanding of vast and complex research landscapes, and the research on bio-based materials contributing to a circular economy is one such topic. Lignin, an aromatic biopolymer and one of the most abundant bio-based materials found on Earth, has the potential to produce various chemicals and biofuels of interest and is expected to contribute significantly to the future circular economy.  Produced commercially as a byproduct of the pulp and paper industry and biorefineries, its market value is expected to reach $913.1 million by 2025.

Although lignin is abundant, its valorization is hindered by a series of constraints and this has prevented large-scale use. However, there has been a growing demand for using renewable and biodegradable raw materials in the polymer market. Incorporating lignin as a component in thermoplastic polymers has emerged as a promising approach for its value-added utilization.

To gain insights into the utilization of lignin in thermoplastic polymers,  Dimensions’ new Landscape & Discovery app can be used for getting an overview of the researchers, organizations, and temporal trends involved in the area.  

Identify the most influential researchers studying lignin’s use in thermoplastics.  By using the app’s interactive visuals, users can easily identify leading researchers through academic citations and quickly view the global representation of this research topic.

Reveal organizations that actively cite publications about lignin in thermoplastic polymers. Sort research organizations by academic recognition (citations), how popular their publications are in their field of research, or by alternative metrics, a measure of broader attention or Altmetrics.

Discover the latest applications or uses for lignin with Dimensions concepts.  Dimensions uses the latest in machine learning to populate the top research trends associated with lignin.  Recent, influential research trends associated with lignin are those of high relevance and receiving academic attention (citations).

Expanding the value of research trends, explore trend co-occurrences in the field of lignin-based thermoplastics.

Valorization of bio-based materials such as lignin and their large-scale use in the polymer market is crucial to achieve a circular economy.  Dimensions’ Landscape & Discovery app provides the interactive experience  to avoid information overload and comprehensively understand this vast and complex research topic.

By Lauren Black, Product Specialist Manager at Dimensions