One of the most rewarding parts of demonstrating Dimensions to a new user is witnessing their delight as they see how quickly they can trace their own research network and, with just a couple of clicks, view citation data and altmetrics to understand the broader impact of their published work.

After showcasing how to monitor the latest developments in their field and ways to identify new collaborators, the most common question asked is “how is our institution as a whole represented in Dimensions?”  It’s simple to filter by the research organization, but now we’re offering a special FREE service: a DOI-based analysis report.


After you provide a full list of DOI’s produced by researchers at your organization, we can share a detailed report explaining what we’ve found and what it means. The process only takes a couple of days and can provide some really valuable results.  

Not only can we confirm which of the publications you shared are in the Dimensions database, but we often uncover other publications that we have affiliated to your organization, but which were not present in the list you provided.

If you’d like to request a free DOI Analysis for your organization, please complete the form here. Additionally, if you’re not familiar with Dimensions and wish to learn more, let me know and I’d love to provide a demo!