COVID-19 Resources

At Digital Science we are supporting the global research effort to manage and minimise the impact of the current COVID-19 pandemic as best we can. For researchers, clinicians and anyone else working towards these goals, early knowledge and access to research being carried out and published globally is crucially important to inform their work.

In order to facilitate this, we have made available all COVID-19 related published articles, preprints, datasets, grants and clinical trials from Dimensions free for anyone to access. We hope that this will help the research community to stay up to date in this fast-moving situation, and greatly reduce the time that would otherwise be required to collate this information from many disparate sources.

Browse COVID-19 content in the webapp

Experience all the benefits of our web application while you browse all scholarly publications related to COVID-19.

COVID-19 dashboard

Access the COVID-19 dashboard visualizing publications, funding and clinical trials.

COVID-19 data on BigQuery

Analyze all articles and preprints, clinical trials, grants and datasets from that are related to COVID-19 in Google BigQuery.

COVID-19 data on figshare

This file contains all publications, datasets, clinical trials and grants from that are related to COVID-19.