A new way of exploring Dimensions data

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Shape the future with Dimensions AI Assistant

We are launching a closed beta-release of Dimensions AI Assistant, which aims to change the way you can find answers to your research statements. 

Until now, looking for insights in research has meant not only defining with accuracy what is relevant but then reviewing results to piece together the full picture. We can now complete that puzzle faster with immediate and more relevant summary results.

Giving you contextualized answers to your research statements

Deploying cutting-edge AI technology, Dimensions will enable users to find the most relevant research and get reliable and straightforward answers and result summaries quickly and easily by scanning 33 million articles from the Dimensions database and producing abstractive answers for the top results.

For example, you can search Dimensions AI Assistant for:

The effects of climate change in tuberculosis; or,

The effects of diabetes on the peripheral blood vessels.

This new development will improve accessibility of scientific literature and support your data discovery journey every step of the way.

We are no longer accepting applications

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