Quickly identify research security risk 

Identify potential risks to your research security, verify disclosures and review research networks – quickly, efficiently and thoroughly

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Research security is under increased scrutiny by governments and funders across the world.

There are a host of mandatory and emerging research security requirements – and non-compliance means fines, penalties, reputational damage and the loss of stakeholder trust and funding. 

Universities are increasingly taking proactive measures to assess institutional risks, verifying disclosures and vetting researchers and networks. But all of this takes up valuable time and resources.

That’s where the Dimensions Research Security app can help.

“Dimensions has become the cornerstone of our workflow to understand the extent of foreign influence at our institutions. We’ve gained significant efficiency using these tools. Processes that took us hours to complete in the past can now be done in just minutes, with much greater fidelity.”

Chief Research Security Officer

Manage your compliance in a fast and robust way

Inform disclosures and certifications and comply with federal mandates

Assess data at a glance on publication, awarded grant, patent, and clinical trial data in one place; find affiliation information; and check on funding programs.

Assess and prioritize potential risk factors quickly

Drill down into international collaborations via co-authorship on publications or collaborations on grants; surface dual affiliations in publications and see all affiliations with which your researchers are publishing; and examine funded research cited in patents.

Vet potential researchers on sensitive research projects 

Thoroughly conduct due diligence on potential research collaborations across publications, grants, past and current affiliations, related IP and clinical trials; uncover direct and indirect funding sources, cited on researchers’ publications and check for undisclosed collaborations or international funding sources.

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An easy-to-use and powerful solution for academic institutions, Dimensions Research Security draws on the world’s largest global research information database to help you with your research security compliance.