Unlocking the full potential of the world’s largest research information database

Digital Science has partnered with Google Cloud to remove barriers to data access, analysis and visualization for organizations across the research and innovation ecosystem. With its new integration, the Dimensions database is now available to be analyzed on BigQuery, Google Cloud’s serverless, highly scalable and secure multi-cloud data warehouse. 

In today’s environment, stakeholders in the research and innovation ecosystem are seeking to make better, evidence-based decisions. To do this, they need greater access to contextual information, while at the same time protecting the security of their own data. The combination of technologies like those of Dimensions and BigQuery directly addresses this fundamental need, and creates a new infrastructure for organizations across the full Research & Development lifecycle. 

Dimensions provides a comprehensive view of the research and innovation landscape. Updated daily, it currently contains 112m publications linked to 1.3bn citations, 5.5m grants worth $1.7 trillion in funding, 41m patents, 600k clinical trials, over 120m Altmetric data points – and more. 

BigQuery provides companies with a modern, serverless and highly scalable data warehouse.  Through the integration with Dimensions, it gives these joint users an unprecedented flexibility to access the data in Dimensions, but also allows anyone in the research world to connect external datasets to Dimensions privately and securely. These datasets could be an organization’s own private data, or important scientific databases such as ChEMBL.  

Direct integration with business intelligence and data visualization tools, such as Tableau, Qlik and PowerBI, means that users can bring Dimensions data together with their own data, and use it for a broad set of use cases, from competitive intelligence through to the assessment of research’s social and economic impact. With BigQuery, customers can gain insights with real-time and predictive analytics to support better business decisions, and enables users to create custom dashboards and reports that can be securely accessed and shared across their organization.  

Christian Herzog, CEO Dimensions, said: “The modern research and innovation ecosystem requires access to the world’s knowledge, and this community deserves to be supported by technology that makes accessing that information as easy and fast as possible. Across the landscape, evidence-based research strategy relies on having the right data. Now it matters more than ever how accessible and interoperable that data is, and how easily it can be accessed for meaningful decision-making. With Dimensions on BigQuery, information which has been locked-up behind applications, which are naturally limited in functionality, is now available instantly and at scale.”