We’re happy to announce that the National Library of Sweden has decided to adopt, Dimensions. With the adoption of Dimensions, they hope to explore the influence of ongoing and past collaborations and plan for national assessment and research activities, particularly when it comes to open access trends.

Speaking about the adoption of Dimensions at The National Library of Sweden, Camilla Lindelöw, administrative officer and data analyst at the National Library of Sweden, said “We were looking for a digital resource that would allow us to create broad reporting on Open Access as well as consortium member footprints within metrics, funding and other measurements around the various publications and scholarly activities.”

Ben McLeish, Director of Outreach & Advocacy for Dimensions at Digital Science added, “It’s hugely gratifying to see the adoption of the Dimensions service at such a prestigious institution. We are looking forward to the kinds of insights into funding, innovation, Open Access and other publication metrics that Swedish institutions can now benefit from in their future reporting run by the National Library.”


About the National Library of Sweden

The National Library of Sweden is both a library and a government agency. Their assignment ultimately concerns democracy, equality and free speech with the task of preserving, digitizing and documenting the Swedish cultural heritage. They collaborate extensively with other libraries and organizations and this is done through their assignment for library coordination. Every year they also publish Sweden’s official library statistics. Visit their site to learn more at https://www.kb.se/kb-in-english/.