The University of Bern, a leading Swiss academic institution, is rolling out university-wide access to Digital Science’s Dimensions Analytics tool. The university is looking to improve its researchers’ ability to search across varied linked research items such as publications, clinical trials, grants, patents, and more. 

Dimensions is a research information platform which has been developed to provide a comprehensive view on the research process and activities  – going beyond publications and citations. Dimensions contains 265 million research items, most of them indexed in full-text, with around 5 billion links between the various items as they cite, reference and acknowledge each other. Dimensions Analytics will provide researchers a fuller picture of research activity around any topic, keyword, researcher or institution globally. 

If you’re a researcher at the University of Bern, you’re invited to join the coffee lecture on May 6th 2021 , at 1pm CET during which the service will be introduced to researchers.