TU Wien is the first academic client in Austria to deploy Dimensions Analytics across its full institution, including access to the full Dimensions dataset via the Google BigQuery Infrastructure for advanced fully customizable reporting and analysis. 

Dimensions Analytics gives TU Wien the ability to review the research lifecycle from grant stage to resulting outputs – including publications, patents and more. The university has plans to develop evaluations at institutional and department level, for which analysing large datasets offers extreme speed and scalability, as well as the ability to combine further data with the Dimensions core dataset on a private cloud.

The library  will improve the monitoring of TU Wien’s Open Access publication trends, including the ability to backfill Open Access items from Dimensions into the institutional repository. Additionally Dimensions will be used to support and inform the wider researcher appointment processes already in place at the institution with broader and more detailed bibliometric information. Lastly, the bibliometric reports being created by the team at the TU Wien Bibliothek can now include the links publications have to grant and funding information.