Harness the synergy of global research knowledge and your own data

The Dimensions Knowledge Graph, powered by metaphactory, simplifies and accelerates the generation of actionable insights across the entire pharma value chain. With over 32 billion statements, it delivers a wealth of knowledge and insights derived from global research and public datasets. Its underlying semantic model gives you the tools you need to additionally connect your internal knowledge and delivers a layer of trust and explainability for AI algorithms and applications built on top of the graph.

Endless knowledge at your fingertips. Imagine the possibilities.

With the Dimensions Knowledge Graph, data becomes contextualized and FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) and is transformed into actionable knowledge that is easily consumable for the entire organization and across the entire pharma value chain. Now, with access to global research knowledge and public datasets, you can uncover insights that may have been previously inaccessible and could lead to remarkable solutions and discoveries.

  • Fast-track target discovery & reduce research costs: Enabling company-wide access to interconnected internal and external data can allow researchers to create hypotheses and validate them against global research knowledge and literature, accelerating time-to-market for new drugs and therapies.
  • Streamline processes from r&d to clinical trials to market access: Research and lab data can become available to manufacturing plants, helping streamline knowledge transfer and the planning of clinical trials, manufacturing, distribution and market access processes.
  • Reuse existing data and knowledge, both internal & external: A unified semantic layer makes data FAIR, supports the automation of data collection and integration, and enables reusability of data, ontologies and vocabularies, across your organization.
  • Speed up drug safety review processes & optimize risk control: Existing research findings can be leveraged as supporting metadata in review processes mandated by regulatory agencies, thus speeding up approval processes.
  • Leverage the power of knowledge graphs with LLMs: The underlying knowledge graph can be combined with Large Language Models (LLMs) for improved relation extraction at optimal cost, but also to drive internal end-user interfaces for knowledge discovery.
  • Enable & accelerate complex discovery workflows: Data is transformed into actionable knowledge available company-wide and can support research initiatives and business decisions or drive forecasts and prediction.

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To learn more about the Dimensions Knowledge Graph and request a demo to see the solution in action, please visit metaphacts.com/dimensions-knowledge-graph