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Publication Impact – HCP Reach and interactions
Publication Impact – Benchmarking of selected papers
Publication Impact – Geographical activity
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Helping healthcare professionals make informed clinical decisions is vital, how can you make sure that your publications support that? Measure your publication’s impact with the Publication Impact dashboard, a visual easy-to-use solution that spans across a wide range of metrics to deliver an accurate picture of performance and also allows you to compare multiple publications at once. 

Dimensions has partnered with Altmetric to offer the Publication Impact dashboard. Visit Altmetric to find out more. 

Benchmark publication performance by therapeutic area at speed

Access insights relevant to your therapeutic area to easily track, monitor, and share the success of your publications in one visual and easy-to-use dashboard. 

By combining Dimensions and Altmetric data you can gather key publication metrics in one place and avoid overlooking important audiences on social media and other online attention sources.

With the Publication Impact dashboard, it’s quick and easy to: 

  • Find out which publications received the most engagement and where it came from
  • Identify improvement opportunities by assessing your post-publication reach
  • Maximize your impact and find trends by therapeutic area, drug, manuscript, and much more.