Dimensions Life Sciences & Chemistry

Discover and generate insights from Dimensions’ extensive and connected data through semantic search and analysis

Next-generation knowledge discovery

Dimensions L&C applies the latest semantic analysis tools and ontologies on over 120 million scientific publications, as well as millions of patents, grants and clinical trial documents, to create a unique tool for scientists that offers powerful discovery functionality on a new scale. It enables a large variety of possible applications and use cases across life sciences and chemistry, from pharma drug development to materials chemistry.

Generate hypotheses

In the past, literature search tools required the user to know exactly what they wanted to find –  to narrow the search down to results about specific relationships between compounds and diseases for example, and confirm or invalidate pre-defined hypotheses. Dimensions L&C uses ontologies which include around 40 million concepts and 100 million synonyms, enabling the user to move from the discovery of scientific documents to hypothesis generation.

Get answers for complex and diverse queries

Unlike traditional manually curated databases, Dimensions L&C uses the insights systematically captured in ontologies and computational power to quickly get answers to complex and diverse queries directly from the source content. This enables possible applications and use cases in the area of protein/gene-drug-disease interactions, validation of biomarkers, searching for small molecules, chemical reactions and gene sequences.

Gain deeper insights

Identify relevant documents and gain deeper insights through semantic analysis and chemistry & sequences search on our enriched data. Dimensions L&C uses data derived from over 120 million publications, which are contextualized with linked grants, publications, patents and clinical trials.

The platform also contains over 137 million unique chemical compounds extracted from public sources and more than 4.1 million chemical reactions extracted from over 430 thousand patent texts and images, with new reactions from patents delivered almost in real-time.

“Dimensions L&C’s rich and interlinked data combined with OntoChem’s powerful ontologies take scientific knowledge discovery and insight generation to the next level”


Examples of what you can do with Dimensions L&C

Discover relevant chemical structures, routes of synthesis and related scientific documents

Combine semantic search and analysis with chemical reaction and chemical structure searches to quickly retrieve precise results and generate hypotheses. In a couple of clicks, you can discover scientific documents containing exact structures, similar structures or other functional groups of interest, as well as their pathways to synthesis as reported in patents. Identify relevant chemical information quickly and efficiently, whether your research area is agriculture, materials chemistry or pharma drug development.

Identify drug targets

Identifying the “right” drug target is a critical step in drug development which helps avoid later stage failures of drug candidates in clinical trials. To make evidence-based decisions on drug targets, it is necessary to compile and analyze multiple scientific documents.

With Dimensions L&C’s co-occurrence analysis functionality, you can utilise a powerful ontology-based search of up to 40 million concepts — including genes, proteins, diseases and drugs, as well as research organizations and pharma companies — to rapidly discover new insights on potential drug targets, connections to diseases, drugs, biological and pathological processes, and their commercial potential in real time.

Identify drug targets

Analyze disease mechanisms

Understanding target and disease biology is crucial for success when bringing a new drug to market. However, the data supporting this understanding is spread across millions of scientific documents, including publications, patents, grants, and clinical trials. 

Pre-built tabs within Dimensions L&C’s co-occurrence analysis functionality allow you to correlate a disease with signaling pathways, genes and proteins, or pathological processes. This analysis is run across more than 150 million scientific documents and results are delivered within seconds, supporting the discovery of connections between diseases and these concepts in real time.

Analyze disease mechanisms

Clarify compound mechanisms of action

In order to select the best therapeutic application for repositioning a known drug, or to avoid undesirable adverse events for novel compounds, it is critical to have a clear understanding of how the drug or compound works. To achieve this understanding, it is necessary to analyze a lot of data on similar structures or structures with a certain chemical substructure.

Dimensions L&C’s chemistry search functionality allows you to find chemical compounds in our chemistry registry containing over 130 million compounds, including new compounds, approved drugs, genes, and proteins. This enables you to quickly identify relevant source documents, gain deeper insights about drug and compound connections to proteins, disease, signaling pathways, pathophysiology, and toxicities and begin to generate hypotheses on targets and therapeutic applications.

Clarify the mechanism of action

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